Our story and purpose

In a world that is becoming more and more international is it important to prepare the Nordic
society for this internationalization. One way to do that is to support youngsters to study abroad,
and then also in the reverse help them to the Nordic workforce in an effort to provide competent
take will help the Nordic society to evolve. We – Nordic young people studying at non-Nordic universities – have started this association Norden UUS to share our experiences of studying outside our home country. The Norden United University Society (NUUS) is an ideal association that aims to

The United University Nordic Associations (UUNA) is an ideal association that aims to

–          Provide information to Nordic young people for studies at non-Nordic universities,

–          Provide support for Nordic students at non-Nordic universities. Here, one of the most important things is to reduce the distance between students and potential employers so that students and potential employers can get the largest possible benefit from the students who studied at a non-Nordic university. This benefit can be anything from different obtained knowledge to networks outside the Nordic region.

UUNA is an ideal association, self-financed but under the auspices of the Nordic Council. The association is registered in Denmark and is subject to Danish law.

–          Information about studying abroad (links to different government webpages)

–          Information about different non-Nordic universities (provided by the Nordic society at each university)

–          Cooperation between the different Nordic societies. Christmas celebrations, etc.

–          Subscribe for information. Here you can receive information about upcoming interviews, etc.

–          Ads for internships, summer jobs, real jobs, etc.

At the larger and more prominent Non-Nordic Universities, there are Nordic Student Associations. At these Nordic Associations, Nordic students can find students with the same background and may also have the same issues going abroad. Many of these Associations are created to welcome and nurse the Nordic students. Further, the Associations are said to “promote and celebrate the Nordic cultures in all their forms.”IF you have enrolled at a university where there is a Nordic Student Association, you should definitively join the association, and at least a couple of times a year reconnect to your Nordic roots. Parties, seminaries, and XX are offered at many of these Associations. Overall the NUAU will yearly have some cross-university activities, such as the celebration of 17 May, mid-summer and Christmas.IF you are in the process of applying and when there is a Nordic Student Association at the university that you are contemplating applying to, then you can contact the Nordic Student Association SvaraVidarebefordra